“ The Owasco Outlet or Owasco River as it is now called runs from Owasco Lake to the Seneca River and the Erie Canal”

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The Owasco Outlet runs from the north end of Owasco Lake through Auburn. It then continues north through Throopsville and Port Byron and eventually meets the Seneca River near Haiti Island at an area called Mosquito Point. The Seneca River is also part of the Erie Canal in this section. For more than 70% of the residents of Cayuga County, Owasco Lake is their primary drinking water source.

Fly fishing along the outlet attracts many local anglers. The trails along the outlet offer a quiet walk along a tree lined trail near and yet far from the City proper.

A pair of dams exist on the outlet and are maintained by the City of Auburn. One provides hydroelectric power for the city.

Several waterfalls offer scenic vistas along the outlet.

Owasco Lake Outlet Dam is on the Owasco Outlet in Cayuga County, New York and is used for drinking water and recreation purposes. Construction was completed in 1972. It has a normal surface area of 10 square miles. It is owned by the City Of Auburn.

Owasco Lake Outlet Dam is masonry. Its height is 14 feet with a length of 258 feet. Maximum discharge is 5792 cubic feet per second. Its capacity is 64233 acre feet. Normal storage is 17712 acre feet. It drains an area of 207 square miles.

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