Owasco Watershed Lake Association, Inc

Officers and Board of Directors

Elected at Annual Membership Meeting

June 7, 2017, Springside Inn

Executive Board Officers 2016-2018:

President: Ken Kudla

President Elect:

Past President: Jim Beckwith

Secretary: Gilda Brower

Treasurer: Jeff Trescot

Board of Directors:

(Term of Office  2017-2020)

Gilda Brower

Ken Kudla

Rick Nelson

Peter Rogers

(Term of Office 2015-2018)

Bob Brower

Terry Lattimore

Ken Post

Ann Robson

Keith Welch

(Term of Office 2016-2019)

Jim Beckwith

Mike Didio

Sam Giacona

Dana Hall

Nancy Hart

Jeff Trescot

Back Row: Rick Nelson; Ken Kudla; Peter Rogers; Dana Hall; Ken Post; Mike Didio; Sam Giacona; Lance Robson

Front Row: Gilda Brower; Nancy Hart; Jeff Trescot; Bob Brower; Jim Beckwith

Missing: Terry Lattimore