Owasco Flats Nature Reserve and
Owasco Watershed Lake Association
Celebrate the lives of Dr. Joseph Wasileski and Pamela Sullivan

Dr. Joe Wasileski  and Pamela Sullivan recently left this earth, after having devoted much of their lives as stewards of Owasco Lake.  Their stewardship efforts were instrumental in improving the water quality of the lake and educating the public and our elected officials on what was needed to be done to accomplish goals set by the Owasco Watershed Lake Association and the Owasco Flats Nature Reserve.

Both Dr. Joe and Pamela were longtime supporters of and participated in many events that supported OWLA and OFNR.  Some of these events were Swim Owasco, Owasco Lake Days,  Cayuga County Water Quality Management Agency meetings and events like the buffer project at the Owasco Flats Nature Reserve and the wetland restoration project that was completed in 2006 to improve water quality and wildlife habitat. These two people were most successful at being our voice and our leaders in the fight to improve the Owasco Lake watershed for future generations. Their leadership will be sorely missed.

On October 16, 2011, we celebrated the lives of these two very special people.  A crowd of about 45 people gathered for the event at the Owasco Flats Nature Reserve, at the Route 38 parking area and kiosk. Jim Beckwith and Dick Coalson represented OWLA, and Sandie Doran and Ann Moore represented the OFNR. The event started with everyone gathering around, looking a pictures and recognizing the accomplishments of these two people. Then family members and friends of Dr. Joe and Pamela planted two trees; an oak tree for Dr. Joe and a pine tree for Pamela.  After a moment of silence, George Doran sang one of his inspirational songs called “Yes, There is a Mountain There,” which everyone appreciated.  Finally, the interpretive panels at the new kiosk were unveiled, a project supported by many partners, including Dr. Joe and Pamela. Thanks to all who attended.  For photos click here

Sandie Doran, Chair OFNR  (owascoflats@gmail.com)