What is the Owasco Watershed
Lake Association?

OWLA is a citizen-based association that promotes cooperation and leadership in the comprehensive management of land use, water quality, recreation, agriculture and a host of other issues as they pertain to Owasco Lake and its watershed.

Owasco Watershed Lake Association (OWLA) is a 501 C-3 not-for-profit corporation founded to educate the public on the environmental management, preservation, wise use, and appreciation of Owasco Lake and its watershed.

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Owasco Lake Watershed Inspector

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Other information about  Owasco Lake at: Owasco Watershed Network (OWN)

DEC Toll-Free Hotline

A new toll-free hotline to help ensure strict enforcement of environmental laws that protect the State's natural resources.

 1-844-DEC-ECOS (1-844-332-3267)

The line is staffed 24/7 and connects callers to a DEC police dispatcher.

Next OWLA Meeting


December 7, 2016

Springside Inn

7 pm

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Owasco Lake on 2016 DEC 303 list as impaired due to HABs

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Owasco Watershed Lake Association Meeting

December 7, 2016

Springside Inn at 7:00 PM

Draft Agenda

Welcome Members and Guests

Call to Order:

7PM Presentation: Andy Zepp; Executive Director, Finger Lakes Land Trust (FLLT)

Andy will provide an overview of FLLT’s Conservation Strategy for the Finger Lakes. The report proposes $100 million in funding recommendations to address the “Top 10” water quality issues faced by all of the Finger Lakes. Andy also hopes to collect additional information from OWLA members.


I.        Roll Call Sheet

II.      Approval of October, 2016 Minutes - Gilda Brower

III.    Financial Report - Jeff Trescot

IV      President’s Report  (Strategic Planning for 2017; The Sluiceway at Emerson Park; SON)


V.     Committee Reports

A. OWLA’s Testing for 2016 - Ken Kudla

B. Ad Hoc Notification Group Update - Peter Rogers

C. Fox Toyota Watershed Projects – Rick Nelson


VI.      Old Business   

            D.  Communications - Carolyn Hiza

            E.  Membership - Rosemarie Romano

 F. CAFO Permit Update Dana Hall

VII.     New Business      

8:30 PM Adjourn